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About Us

With concerns about our environment being foremost in our minds we have embraced the promotion of better environmental practices. We are using more sustainable gardening practices with less dependence on chemicals. We are using water more sparingly, composting and recycling; using more native plants and providing for our pollinators and wildlife.

From the State President
Welcome to the Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs website.

 “Flexibility and an open mind allow us to grow our abilities

and our gardens. Do not audit life. Step up

and make the most of your life now”.


As the President of the Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs, I would like to welcome all of you. Last year we all had to rethink how we did our daily simple activities. As a result, the changes I had to make stimulated my imagination and helped me chose my motto for the next two years.


WSFGC has the Endowment Fund that gives grants to clubs for many activities that they may not be able to do without the increased financial support. The Endowment Fund also allows us to defray some of the costs to members of WSFGC activities. Check all of the ways the Endowment Fund supports our members and other worthwhile organizations.


Many of us used Zoom this past year. It allowed us to “see” friends and family. It gave us the opportunity to interact with those that we might never meet in person. We learned we could take NGC classes from home and watch floral design presentations from all over the country. There are so many resources out there for our members to expand their knowledge. All we have to do is look. It is always hard to learn something new, but it is important to keep trying.


The National Garden Club committee on electronic media is developing training sessions for our members. They are very dedicated to encouraging all members to “up their game”. We can use electronic means to include those who cannot, for whatever reason, attend an inperson meeting. This is a hybrid meeting. We can have electronic meetings for committees, so committee members do not have to drive if they cannot or would prefer not to. It is a way to include more members.


I hope we all take advantage of our membership in the Pacific Region Garden Clubs and the National Garden Clubs by using their resources to further our mission and improve our lives and communities.

Anne Sullivan, President


WSFGC Officers 2021-2023

(A roster, complete with all contact information, is available on the "Clubs/Membership" tab in the "Members Only" section)

President, Anne Sullivan

President-Elect, Suzann Stahl

Second Vice President,

Dorrie Carr

Recording Secretary,

Evie Marwood

Dues Secretary, Daphne Ruxton

Treasurer, Gale Baullinger

Investment Officer,

Gale Baullinger

Corresponding Secretary,

Ellen Daly

Parliamentarian, Jeanette Pruin

Immediate Past President,

Dorrie Carr

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