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Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization.  Without them there would be

no life-time garden club friends, schools, state flower shows, fun board meetings, conventions,

interesting programs, and all those things that make us who we are,

the Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs.

We have valuable volunteers at every level of the organization that include club and district

leadership and WSFGC Board members who chair dozens of committees.  The work simply

could not be done without all these exceptional members.

Below are positions that need to be filled this year. We offer grateful thanks to the members

who have filled these positions for many years. But life, and our priorities, change and now

it’s time to ask for your help in finding individuals who enjoy the type of volunteer work

these positions involve.

Maybe that person is YOU? Our members have limitless talents, in most cases known

only to their closest friends and themselves.

Please consider applying those priceless talents as a volunteer for the Washington Federation

of Garden Clubs.  For every opportunity listed there is a former volunteer willing to help you

learn the task, should that be needed.

Contact Suzann Stahl, President-elect, if you are interested in learning more about

opportunities listed here.    360-791-7422


Online Newsletter Editor (6/21/22)

Washington Garden and Design

After many years of devoted service, the Washington Garden and Design newsletter Editor,

Judith Juno, is retiring at the end of June 2023. Hers are big shoes to fill, but if we can find

someone to step in now that person will benefit from working with her for the next year. 

Some changes to the format are being considered and we want YOU to be part of that

discussion.  This is a quarterly publication online only – no printing or mailing required.

WSFGC Website Editor  (6/21/22)

The website is run on a platform and is about 5 years old.  It’s in need of fresh eyes

and new ideas (says the current web manager!) If you’re at all familiar with a similar

platform, Microsoft Publisher or Canva you’ll make an easy transition to editing on WIX. 

The website requires attention about once a week for an hour or so. A little more time

is needed June-August in odd-numbered years when there is a new administration. 






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