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Districts & Clubs
  1. Black Hills District

  2. Blue Mountain District

  3. Inactive

  4. Central District

  5. Chinook District

  6. Chuckanut District (Inactive 2019)

  7. Cross Sound District

  8. East Lake Washington District

  9. Evergreen District (Inactive 2019)

  10. Greater Seattle District

  11. Hill and Dale District

  12. Inland Empire District (Inactive 2017)

  13. Lewis and Clark District (Inactive 2016)

  14. Olympic Peninsula District


Districts highlighted in pink are "active" districts in Washington State.

  • North Central Area – No longer a District

  • Tahoma District – Now part of Hill and Dale District

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Club Profiles

Welcome to Washington State's Clubs & Districts!

Click on clubs or district highlighted below to read more about their profiles, websites or Facebook pages!

Eastern Washington Districts & Clubs:

Blue Mountain Districts of Garden Clubs - Benton County (East of Prosser), Asotin, Columbia, Franklin, Garfield and Walla Walla counties.

1) Earth Angels GC 

2) Garden Genies GC

Central Districts of Garden Clubs - Kittitas, Klickitat, Yakima Counties, Benton County. 

1) Mt. Cleman GC

2) Queens of Spades GC Follow us on Facebook.

3) Toppenish GC   

Western Washington Districts & Clubs:


Black Hills District of Garden Clubs - Thurston County, Mason County (south of Union), Lewis County, southern part of Grays Harbor County and Pacific County.  Follow Black Hills District on Facebook.      

1) Black Hills Flower Designers Club

2) Friendly Flower GC Follow us on Facebook.

3) Friendly Neighbor GC 

4) Illahee GC

5) Olympia GC

Chinook District of Garden Clubs - South King County. Follow this District on Facebook. 

1) Auburn GC

2) Des Moines GC      

3) Enumclaw GC

4) Maple Trails GC

5) Marine Hills GC

6) O'Brien GC  

7) Parkside GC Follow us on Facebook.

Cross Sound District of Garden Clubs - Kitsap County, East Mason County north of Union, and Bainbridge Island.

1) Central Valley GC Follow us on our NEW website, too! Click HERE.

2) Evergreen GC of Belfair, WA Follow us on Facebook.          

3) Long Lake GC

East Lake Washington District Follow us on our website, too! Click HERE.

1) Hill N' Dale GC

2) Hilltoppers GC

3) Issaquah GC       

4) Pine Lake GC

5) Sammamish GC

6) Sherwood Forest GC

7) Terra Tillers GC

8) West Sammamish GC

9) Willowmoor GC

10) Woodinville GC Follow us on Facebook.

Greater Seattle District of Garden Clubs - King County. 

1) Carleton Park GC

2) Crestwood GC

3) Lakeshore GC

4) North End Flower Club Follow us on our new website, too! Click HERE.

5) Seattle Civic GC

6) West Seattle GC Follow us on Facebook.

Hill & Dale District of Garden Clubs Pierce County.

1) Country Gardeners

2) Eatonville Dogwood GC Follow us on Facebook.     

3) Garden Hour GC

4) Glove & Trowel GC

5) Happy Thymes GC

6) Root & Bloom GC Follow us on Facebook

7) Aster Nots GC

8) Interlaaken

Olympic Peninsula District of Garden Clubs - Clallam and Jefferson Counties.

1) Bogachiel GC Follow us on Facebook.         

2) Nordland GC

3) Port Angeles GC   Follow us on Facebook

4) Tri-Area GC   Follow us on our website: Tri-Area GC   Follow us on Facebook.


Clubs-At-Large (also known as CAL)

These are WSFGC member clubs not associated with an active District and are listed below.


Click on clubs highlighted in blue to read their Club Profiles:

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