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Anne Sullivan, President

Dorrie Carr, Former President

Suzann Stahl, 1st Vice President/President Elect

Dorrie Carr, 2nd Vice President

Gale Baullinger, Treasurer

Evie Marwood, Recording Secretary

Daphne Ruxton, Dues Secretary

Ellen Daly, Corresponding Secretary

Jeanette Pruin, Parliamentarian

Gale Baullinger, Investment Officer




Becky Flaherty, Black Hills

Alice Ver Steeg, Blue Mountain

Diane Franchini, Central

Linda Haas, Chinook

Loretta Lukasson, Cross Sound

Linda White, East Lake Washington

Mitch Grospe, Greater Seattle

Rachel Jennings, Hill & Dale

Linda Wells, Olympic Peninsula

Committees & Chairmen 


Arbor Day, Dorrie Carr


Advertising Coordinator, Judy Swortz


Awards, Terry Critchlow

Blue Star Memorials, Judy Swortz


Board Reservations, Linda Wells


Book Review Editor, Christine Dillinger


Budget Committee, Dorrie Carr

Calendar - Vision of Beauty, Judy Swortz


Club At Large (CAL) Liaison, Suzann Stahl


Corsages, Tory Bennett


Credentials, Sharon DeWulf

Community Enhancements Awards, LeAnna McMahon

Directory, WSFGC Ellen Daly

Dues Secretary, Daphne Ruxton


Endowment Committee, Dorrie Carr

Environmental Schools, Lana Finegold


Flower Show Awards, Brynn Tavasci


Flower Show Schools, Lenda Sundene


Garden Club Growing Project, Debbie Spiller


Garden Crafts, Brynn Tavasci


Therapy Gardens, Joyce Lounsberry

Gardening Schools, Brynn Tavasci


Historian, Bea Randall


Honor Clubs, Sherry Matthews

Horticulture Achievement Awards, Marva Lee Peterschick

Horticulture Awards, Marva Lee Peterschick

Hybridizer Award, Marva Lee Peterschick

Judges Council, Linda Maida

Judges Credentials, Sherry Matthews

Landscape Design Awards, Karen Lee

Landscaping Schools, TBD

Legislation, Vacant

Life Membership—WSFGC, Pacific Region, & NGC, TBD

Membership/Club Longevity Certificates, Judy Swortz

National Permanent Home, Joy Parker

National President’s Projects – Plant America, Judy Swortz

Natural Disasters/Global Partners Running Water, Judy Strickland

Nominating Committee & Alternate, Judy Strickland and Daina Moore

Organization Study, Dorrie Carr


Page Chairman, Tory Bennett

Past Presidents’ Awards, Billie Fitch

Penny Pines, Sharon DeWulf

Policy & Procedure, Suzann Stahl

Pollinators Awards, Mary Lou Paulson

Directory Production Editor, Ellen Daly

Program & Meeting Guide 2021-2023, Daphne Ruxton

Properties – Flower Show Chairman, Jean Pass

Protocol, Tory Bennet

Publication Awards, Linda Maida

Recycling Awards, Brynn Tavasci

Schedule Awards, Jeanette Pruin

Schedule Review, Jeanette Pruin 


Scholarships, Jeanette Pruin

Social Media Award, Suzann Stahl

Symposiums, Gail Gibbard

Washington Consultants Council, Terry Critchlow

Website Management, Suzann Stahl


WG&D Managing Editor, Judith Juno

WG&D Youth Editor

District Directors

2021-2023 Officers

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