Dorrie Carr, President

Joyce Lounsberry, Immediate Past President

Anne Sullivan, 1st Vice President

Elaine Pinkerton, 2nd Vice President

Gale Baullinger, Treasurer

Loretta Lukkasson, Recording Secretary

Daphne Ruxton, Dues Secretary

LeAnna McMahan, Corresponding Secretary

JoAnne Sandell, Parliamentarian

Mary Brasseaux, Investment Officer


District Directors

Diane Harper, Black Hills

Alice Ver Steeg, Blue Mountain

Diane Francini, Central

Susan Nash, Chinook

Lois Walker, Cross Sound

Lana Finegold, East Lake Washington

Laurie Skandalis, Greater Seattle

Rachel Jennings, Hill & Dale

Barbara Scott, Olympic Peninsula

Committees & Chairmen

American Farmer, Dorothy Munroe

Arbor Day, Sharon DeWulf

Arboreta & Botanical Gardens, Lona Carter

Awards, Terry Critchlow

Bees, Sue Conklin

Birds, Ann Kronenwetter

Blue Star Memorials, Tohnnie Ingalls & Linda Oberloh

Board Reservations, Mary Ireland

Budget, Anne Sullivan

Butterfly Conservation & Awards, Mary Lou Paulson

By Laws and Standing Rules, Anne Sullivan

Calendar-Washington Gardeners' Calendar

     Distribution, Daphne Ruxton

     Editors, Betty Burkhardt & Marion Nancarrow

     Art Work Chairman, Diane Franchini

Calendar-Vision of Beauty, Janice Louder

Civic Development, Mary Dahlgren

Conservation Awards &Teachers Scholarship, Giny Rieck

Conventions - Chairman/Assistant Chairman

     2019 - Black Hills District, JoAnne Sandell & Bobbie Schoss

Corsages, Tory Bennett

Credentials, Mary Ireland & Sharon DeWulf

Directory, WSFGC 2-17-2019, Val Manuel

Environmental Schools, Lana Finegold

Essay Contest (Individual), Sally Karg

Financial Review, Mary Brasseaux

Flower Show

     Awards, Brynn Tavasci

     Award Ribbons, Sherry Sinclair

     Judges Credentials, Jeanette Pruin

     Schedule Coordinator, Jeanette Pruin

Flower Show Schools, Mary Lou Waitz

GALA XL Chairmen, Terry Critchlow & Diane Franchini

Garden Club Growing Project, Daphne Ruxton

Garden Crafts, Brynn Tavasci

Gardening Schools, Sally Priebe

Garden Therapy, Linda Oberloh

Habitat for Humanity, Daina Moore

Headquarters House

"The Garden House", Dorrie Carr, Marianne Wilkins, Lona Carter, Marie Waller, Terry Critchlow, Lana Finegold

Historian, Bea Randall

Historic Preservation of Gardens & Trails, Dorothy Munroe

Holiday Shows

     2017, Judy Boxx

     2018, Anne Sullivan

Honor Books, Marion Nancarrow

Honor Clubs, Sherry Matthews


     Awards, Debby Minton

     Convention Competition, Linda Oberloh

     Herbs and Indoor Gardening, Ellen Rector

     Hybridizer, Debby Minton

     Improved Cultivars, Ellen Rector

     Organic and Vegetable Gardening, Dorothy Munroe

     Plant Societies, Fran Cissell

Judges Council, Debbie Spiller

Junior/Intermediate Gardeners, Mary Bewley

Landscape Design Awards, Karen Lee

Landscape Design Schools, Elaine Pinkerton

Legislation, JoAnn Sandell

Life Membership, WSFGC, Pacific Region & NGC, Marie Waller

Membership Brochures, Suzann Stahl

Membership and Club Longevity Certificates, Suzann Stahl

Memorial Gardens & Services, Judy Boekholder

The National Gardener & NGC Member Services, Bernice Cook

National Permanent Home, Joy Parker

National President's Projects, Elaine Fowler

Natural Disasters, Judy Strickland

Nature Conservancy/Land Trust, Marilyn Topp

Nominating Committee Chairman & Alternate, Sherry Matthews & Judy Strickland

Operation Wildflower

Organic Gardening, Dorothy Munroe

Organizational Study, Anne Sullivan

Pages Chairman, Tory Bennett

     Pages, Tory Bennett, Marilyn Topp

Past President's Awards, Billie Fitch

Penny Pines, Sharon DeWulf

Personnel, Ruth Miller

Photographer, Sharon McKissick

Policy & Procedure, Dorrie Carr

Press Book Awards, Marva Lee Peterschick

Program & Meeting Guide, Diane Franchini

Properties, Holiday Show Chairman

Protocol, Tohnnie Ingalls & LeAnna McMahon

Publication Awards, Linda Maida

Recycling Awards, Brynn Tavasci

Scholarships, JoAnn Goldman

State Board Visits, Mary Lou Waitz

Symposiums, Esther Banholzer

Vision of Beauty Calendar Sales, Janis Louder

Washington Consultants Council, Sally Priebe

Washington Garden & Design Managing Editor, Judith Juno

     Production Editor, Shawna Murphy

     Advertising Coordinator, Laurana McMillen

     Book Reviews Editor, Christine Dillinger

     Environmental Concerns Editor, Brynn Tavasci

     Floral Design Editor, Mary Lou Waitz

     Horticulture Editor, Ellen Rector

     Landscape Design Editor, Debbie Angel

     Poetry Editor, Joyce Johnson

     Proofreaders, Marva Lee Peterschick, Mary Stumph, Phyllis Danielson

     Subscriptions/Circulation, Diane Franchini

Ways and Means, Judy Swortz

     Board Boutique, Paulette Frye

Website, Suzann Stahl & Ruth Miller

Wildlife Habitat, Janis Louder

Yearbook Awards, Judy Strickland


     Essay Contest, Sally Karg

     Junior, Intermediate & High School Gardeners, Mary Bewley

     High School Awards, Mary Bewley

     Poetry, Joyce Johnson

     Recycled Sculpture, Leanne Jewett

     Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl, Evie Marwood

2019-2021 Officers