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Hill and Dale District

"Spring Outside In"
March 23, 2021 
District Meeting Virtual Flower Show

Click HERE for the website 

Hill and Dale District

Pierce County Virtual Flower Show

August 2020

This year the entire fair was virtual, from crowning a queen, to live via zoom entertainment, to zoom vendors and all the animal's, plus of course the flower show.

There are 13 slide shows to view. The music no longer plays because the fair is over although its still nice to view the great entries. Our Virtual Flower Show from May is still on the website now under the "more" tab.

Click HERE for the website and links to YouTube 

Black Hills District Virtual Garden Tour

"It's Not Fair!"

August 1, 2020

Every summer for decades the clubs in the District, which is comprised of members in Thurston and Lewis Counties in Washinton, have hosted the Thurston County Fair Flower Show in the first week of August.  This year the Fair was cancelled due to the pandemic. ​The Fair Flower Show Committee said,"It's Not Fair!" and invites you to tour their beautiful gardens in this video, or click HERE to view the video on YouTube full screen.

ALSO you can see individual members' garden videos on YouTube! Each is a few minutes long.

  • click HERE to view Diane Couraud's garden

  • click HERE to view Gail Gibbard's garden video

  • click HERE to view Bobbie Schoss' garden video

  • click HERE to view Peggy Starr's garden video

  • click HERE to view Peggy Starr's bird bathing video

If you should have any trouble viewing the videos or want to study the photos more closely, click HERE for the PDF version.

Hill and Dale District

"Different Times, New Ideas" Virtual Flower Show

May 28, 2020

Please follow these instructions to view the show

follow this link to the district website,

 On the main page under "Different Times, New Ideas" you will see the show listed.

View Division I Horticulture

               click here for Sections A & B

               click here for Section C


put your mouse on the "click here " & click 

Black Hills District

"Virtual Flower Show"

April 10, 2020


A note from Dorrie Carr, WSFGC President


Surrounded with disturbing news of Covid-19, living under a ‘stay at home’ order, and disappointed by the need to cancel their upcoming Spring horticulture show, members of Black Hills District in Washington State have reorganized to produce a Virtual Horticulture Flower Show. Black Hills already had an active web site, a web-mistress idling at home, and a myriad of slightly bored gardeners already tantalized by a few warm sunny days. Combine all of those and you have a perfect recipe for the first on-line flower show in the area (or the region?). 


If you want to see what has been entered just go to the website and CLICK HERE or on Virtual Flower Show under the Events heading.  It will take a minute or two to download.

Using the existing flower show schedule and instructions for taking and entering photos, the district newsletter editor disseminated that information to all district garden club members the very day after the idea sprang to life. They added a class for ‘can’t bear to cut it’ specimens to accept photos of entire plants or large sections of them.

Vowing to not catch anything from each other except enthusiasm and knowledge, the gardeners will still get some practice correctly identifying and classifying their photo specimens as they enter them from home. We’ll all miss the camaraderie and excitement of our Spring District General Meeting and Flower Show but we’re determined to stay healthy and continue to share the miracles of spring gardening.

A Creative Adventure

March, 2020


Examples from a plaque and collage workshop given by Diane Harper, Illahee Garden Club, at A Creative Adventure in March 2020. These were done on canvas but wood, cardboard, poster board would work. 

While working in your yard collect odds and ends of different material, let dry, make either a collage which is abstract, or plaque which is done in a realistic manner. Enter in a flower show or share your creation with your club.

Be creative and have fun.

Linda Maida, Workshop Chairperson

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