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WSFGC members contributed to seven annual scholarships to the following: Western Washington University Huxley College of the Environment (one), University of Washington (three), and Washington State University (three). Each student received $1,000. Students were selected by their department chairmen.

Gracey Coffey

Western Washington University Huxley College of the Environment

WSFGC Scholarship

Grace Coffey has lived all over the United States, farmed and lived for years in Europe, and is currently in South America for a ten-month Adventure Learning Grant studying Women in Agriculture. She loves her home in the Pacific Northwest. A senior with a major in Urban Planning, she plans to have a career in rural planning, land use and working with farmers.

April Mulcahy

University of Washington College of Built Environments Department of Landscape Architecture

Verna J. Weiler Scholarship


April Mulchay is an enthusiastic

horticulturist, kayaker, and hiker. She ourishes outdoors, and is constantly botanizing and observing how different plants shape our spaces. With a degree
in Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry from UW, she is now studying landscape architecture to merge her years of experience in horticulture and arboriculture with artistic and thoughtful design. When she graduates, she would like to become a licensed landscape architect and focus on the use of plants and water in our outdoor spaces. April is a longtime resident of Bothell, WA.

Madison Rose Bristol

University of Washington College of the Environment School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

Violet Nevitt Goss Scholarship


Madison Rose Bristol is an undergraduate sophomore majoring

in environmental science and dance and minoring in marine biology. She is fasci- nated with the impacts of urban growth on the organisms existing at the interface of land and water, and how that could in turn affect humanity. In the future, she hopes to research this through both a cultural and scienti c lens, and further engage in creative forms of environmental outreach, education, and activism.

Ashly Senske

University of Washington College of Arts and Sciences Department of Biology

May Garrett Hayes Scholarship

ASHLY SENSKE is participating in paleobotany research in Biology and at the Burke Museum. Her

long-term interests are to develop methods to make large-scale agriculture more sustainable and to study the ecological impacts of unsustainable farming practices in areas that are reliant on it. She is graduating this summer. The last quarters of her bachelor’s degree are fillled with undergraduate research, peer facilitating and course work. She loves science and biology.

Evan Stowe

Washington State University College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

WSFGC Scholarship


EVAN STOWE, a senior with an Organic Agriculture major, plans to stay

in the agriculture industry for life. His passion for gardening and plant sciences can be aeributed to many wonderful experiences he had in the garden with his grandmother as a child and shaped who he is today. He would like to continue his education on a graduate level in the eld of plant sciences and eventually pursue a career in plant breeding.

Nick Alan Sandifer

Washington State University School of Design and Construction Landscape Architecture Program

WSFGC Scholarship


Nick Alan Sandifer is a junior with strong

passions for the environment and design. As a landscape architect, he hopes to transition cities into a more sustainable future and have his own rm specializing in innovative designs that bene t urban communities.

Kathryn Hoogheem

Washington State University College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences Dept. of Horticulture

Mrs. Frank S. Greeley Scholarship


Kathryn Hoogheem is

a senior with a double major in Landscape, Nursery and Greenhouse Management and Field Crop Management. As a member of the Post-Secondary Agricultural Student Organization at Spokane Community College she placed first at nationals in Landscape Design/Nursery Development (Ornamental Horticulture Specialist) in 2015 and first at nationals in Floriculture Specialist in 2016. She has a passion for the native plants of eastern Washington and finding ways to incorporate them into traditional landscapes. Working in the industry,
she hopes to help create a healthy and sustainable future for horticulture and agriculture. She is from Colbert, WA.

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