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Scholarship Recipients 2023

WSFGC members contributed to seven annual scholarships to the following: Western Washington University College of the Environment (one), University of Washington (three), and Washington State University (three). Each student received $2,000. Students were selected by their department chairmen.

Keegan Curry

Western Washington University

College of the Environment

WSFGC Scholarship

Keegan Curry is a student of Urban Planning and Sustainable Development.  He has a passion for cities and is hopeful for a future working in the planning field to help combat climate change, increase livability and find harmony between the natural and urban.

Matthew Jernigan

University of Washington

Department of Landscape Architecture

Verna J. Weiler Scholarship


Matthew Jernigan is a Master's candidate in Landscape Architecture focusing on integrating ecological systems into urban landscapes.  Combining his Public Health degree from the University of North Carolina, he aims to enhance both human and environmental health through his design work.

Josephine Meier

University of Washington

School of Environmental and Forest Services

Violet Nevitt Goss Scholarship


Josephine Meier is majoring in Plant Biology and minoring in Environmental Science and Terrestrial Management.  She currently works as an intern at Seattle City Light where she assists in climate change adaptation and mitigation research.  She plans to pursue a PhD in Plant Biology and eventually work for a state or local agency.

Matthew Donaldson, NGC & Pacific Region.jpeg

We have a National Garden Clubs, Inc. and Pacific Region Garden Clubs Winner!

  • National Garden Clubs, Inc.  

       $3,800 Scholarship

  • Pacific Region Garden Clubs

       $1,000 Scholarship

Matthew Donaldson is a post-baccalaureate student at Western Washington University.  Pursuing Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Environmental Science, Geographic Information Systems and Ecological Restoration.  It is his hope to be an ecological restoration practitioner as well as an ally in promoting public land management and ecological restoration practices that are more inclusive of indigenous values and rights.

Nathan Greenwood

University of Washington

Department of Biology

May Garrett Hayes Scholarship

Nathan Greenwood is a junior studying Molecular, Cellular and Development Biology.  He is now interning with the Baker Lab at the Institute for Protein Design.  He plans to pursue a PhD in Biology after receiving his undergraduate degree.

Washington State University

Department of Soil and Crop Sciences

WSFGC Scholarship


Lauren Stubbs is currently a junior majoring in Field Crop Management and minoring in Soil Science.  She plans to pursue an advanced degree in agronomic sciences to work as an extension agent.

Lauren Stubbs

Renee Li

Washington State University

School of Design and Construction

WSFGC Scholarship


Renee Li is a junior pursuing a degree in Landscape Architecture.  She hopes to work on projects that integrate natural elements with contemporary design and looks forward to becoming a licensed Lanscape Architect.

Sophie LeBard

Washington State University Department of Horticulture

Mrs. Frank S. Greeley Scholarship


Sophie LeBard is a junior majoring in Landscape, Nursery and Greenhouse Management.  She is planning on pursuing a career in cut flower production where she can grow flowers for wholesale and wedding floral designs.

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