Youth entries at the flower show held in Naches, Washington sponsored by the Mt. Cleman Garden Club.

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Naomi Loflin 6th grade

Illahee Garden Club, Black Hills District. 

  As I hear those leaping frogs
      While I am in slumber,
  I think about those leaping frogs,
       Even in the thunder.
  As they jump so high an proud,
       On the sunny day.
  I wonder, wonder, wonder,
  If they would like to play.
        Of course they do,
  They play all night and day.
  As I hear those leaping frogs,
       Singing in the night,
I wonder if they can sing and dance,
        At the same time.
    Oh, I wonder many things,
   But I have to sleep.
As I hear those leaping frogs, 
  I wonder, wonder, wonder.



Valerie Gerdes   Age 8,

3rd grade,  Oak Harbor Garden Club, Chuckanut District.

  Leap Frog
Leaping, spinting
Having fun,
Ten little leap frogs
Play in the sun
Splishing and splashing 
Having a blast.
So much fun!

Titled: Bugs and Butterflies

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Titled: Treasurers in the Woods