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If you want to contact your local politicians, you can do so in the following ways:


You may send a brief message to your district legislators through the in-state toll-free Hotline number: 800.562.6000.


You may send an e-mail message to your legislator by using the legislator e-mail services at


Many Methods for Contacting Your Legislators:

The Washington State Legislature offers several methods for contacting legislators, leaving messages, and providing individual positions on bills and subject matters. Methods for contacting legislators are as follows: (1) bill comment form, (2) member e-mail forms, (3) direct email, (4) U.S. Postal Service [using addresses listed on the member directory pages: House / Senate], and (5) by phone.

Questions regarding contacting your legislators, attending classes, or general legislative business can be directed to

Marva Lee Peterschick, WSFGC Legislation Chairman


Washington State Legislature Bills to Watch as of March 5, 2024!

Click the links below and go directly to the Washington State Legislature website to learn more about the following bills and their current status:

  • "Smokey the Bear" Special WA License Plate HB 2108*For wildfire prevention and protection for our wildland firefighters. THIS BILL DID NOT MAKE IT OUT OF LEGISLATURE COMMITTEE!!!

  • Pollinator Habitat Bill 5954 (officially known as Bill 5934). This bill focuses on enhancing pollinator habitats and promoting their well-being! Click HERE

Audubon Washington State - Bill Tracker
Track the progress of priority bills for birds!

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