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Speakers and Programs List

An addendum to the WSFGC Program and Meeting Guide

Your District or Club just had a spectacular speaker and you can't wait to tell everyone about it!  That's only one of the many benefits of belonging to a WSFGC Garden Club - the continuing education opportunities.  This list is compiled with references from the Club Presidents, District Directors and other members as a valuable resource to others. 

If you are willing to refer that person or group to others (and that person has agreed for you to do so), please send the following information by email to: Chris Hill, Web Editor at:

Your information will be added to this page.

1. Your name & Club or District name.

2. The name of your fantastic presenter and compensation requested.

3. The date & topic (or topics) of the presentation and why you thought it was GREAT!

     One sentence or two will suffice.

4. An email address and/or phone number for your presenter.

     This page is new as of 6-28-22. Content will be added as it is received.


 Linda Wells 10-27-22

 Bogachiel Garden Club

 Olympic Peninsula District

 Compensation : transportation cost if needed overnight stay, plus what club can afford

 Title: Landscaping from Scratch or a Complete Redo  360-640-9418

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